American Darlings Releases Ambitious New Single "Watch You Glow"

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American Darlings Releases Ambitious New Single "Watch You Glow"

Listen to "Watch You Glow" here:

Today we premiere American Darlings’ new single “Watch You Glow,” from their upcoming August 25th release. As soon as I hit play on “Watch You Glow,” this intense electric guitar comes in full throttle, the sound is intensely focused the drums provide a good balance of attack, resonance, and depth. 

Frontman Jason Maksymilian says of the track: 

"Watch You Glow" inspired the title of the album, Glow, and was the first song that Brian, Garrett, Tommy and I recorded demos of on our old Tascam 4-track. Melodically inspired by post-punk, British Invasion garage rock, I was listening to a lot of Guided By Voices and Hüsker Dü when charting out the tune. The arrangement evolved once the full band shaped it. Lyrically, the song touches on that unexplained butterflies in your stomach feeling and stars in your eyes at the start of something new...that inspirational "glow" so to speak.

The vocals are warm, but clear, like most rock songs the words are sung but in a more conversational manner not as full as in an aria and it works perfectly for the band. But make no mistake the track doesn’t lack at all, its full, with excellent melodic tension; great lyrics and an entrancing instrumentation factor, the masterpiece is boisterous, yet frisky. It’s a break from the cliché and it’s definitely worth a listen.