Daily Dose: Luci, "Portal (Sorta)"

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Daily Dose: Luci, "Portal (Sorta)"

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If the video for Luci new track “Portal (sorta)” leaves you feeling a little unnerved, or a little aroused, than this L.A.-based rapper has succeeded in his humble goal. Like much of the work that the artist and musician better known as Adam Stone has done through drawing or sound design or his own modern theater performances, you can’t help but be drawn to it, even as you feel a little revulsion. That may seem like a strange response to CGI bodies dancing across a screen, but…just click play on the video. You’ll see what we’re saying.

But also pay attention to the music this clip accompanies. It’s a thoroughly modern take on the hip-hop formula, with beats that pulse and recede, at times halting and skipping. And through it all, Stone spills out a barrage of modern poetry that feels like an ebooks Twitter account trying to communicate its frustration at the state of the world. If you like that you’re going to love his new mixtape. Pop over here to get the full meal deal.

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