Local Natives' Kelcey Ayer Releases Wistful New Track as Jaws of Love., "Love Me Like I'm Gone."

Music Video Jaws of Love.
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Jaws of Love. (period included) is the side project of Local Natives vocalist Kelcey Ayer. He recently released the self-titled first single from his forthcoming debut solo record, Tasha Sits Close to the Piano—which his wife named after his dog, Tasha—and is now treating us to the second single, “Love Me Like I’m Gone.”

The track is calm and wistful, with Ayer’s vocals fitting nicely over an acoustic guitar, and we can’t help but imagine what the song will sound like in an intimate live setting. In their live debut, Jaws of Love. will be performing at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery just a day before the release of the album.

Ayer says of the record:

“I used to think that in order to write about love, something had to be wrong. I often got my material from pain, or insecurity, or problems—I thought I couldn’t write a good love song because I am in love and it’s going so well. But I’ve grown to realize that even in the most amazing relationships there are turbulent times and misunderstandings that are unavoidable. And that doesn’t mean that anything is doomed, but love is such a complicated thing. The idea of ‘jaws of love’ felt so perfect for this project because it’s all about love’s trials and tribulations.”

“The whole project is me trying to embrace my nuances and indulge in it,” Ayers adds. “It was such an awesome release making these songs, and that let me embrace who I feel like I am. It was wonderful to not have to explain myself to anyone. I have dark piano music in my heart and soul, and Jaws of Love. is me at my truest self.”

“Love Me Like I’m Gone.” is also featured in Will Arnett’s Netflix series Flaked. Tasha Sits Close to the Piano will be released Sept. 22 via K-Rizzla/House Arrest, and can be preordered here. Tickets for the Masonic Lodge show can be found here. We hope Tasha will be there.

Enjoy the “Love Me Like I’m Gone.” lyric video above and Ayers’ self-titled first single as Jaws of Love. below, plus a Local Natives performance from the Paste Cloud.