Track Premiere: We Are Castor "Mojave"

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Norway and their Scandinavian neighbors have been long known for the proliferation of some of the darkest, most complex, and most controversial black metal in music history; who can forget the shocking antics of Mayhem and Burzum. Fast forward and not much has changed in terms of creativity and boldness as, since, the growth of EDM, they're beginning to establish a reputation for some of the most ingenious electronic producers. From the quirky Savant to the more mainstream work of Lindstrøm and Avicci, the Nordic countries have contributed more than their share of unique and inspiring music. That being said, one group, We Are Castor, have taken the concept of genres--and not just within EDM but throughout the full music spectrum--to a new place with the release of their upcoming, full length LP, DOEP. Today they're teaming up with Paste to release one very unexpected track titled "Mojave;" Indie Rock groove with funky guitars and an overall mood one expects to hear in a Quentin Tarantino film, soon.


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