Baby Yors Lights Up the Stage at (le) Poisson Rouge in New York City

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Baby Yors Lights Up the Stage at (le) Poisson Rouge in New York City

Baby Yors is quickly and prominently becoming a staple in the New York music scene, and with good reason. His epic headlining show Friday evening at (le) Poisson Rouge in New York City's Lower East Side set the tone for his new moniker, which sprung to life on stage with a glistening rock-infused-soul sound that will live you breathless. Everything about the show from start to finish screamed old-school Rock n' Roll. The essence of the backing musicians (including Quinn Devlin), the backstage candid photography (by Brooklyn creative Rob Lundberg), to the spirit of Baby Yors, it was a night to remember within every element.

Photo by Rob Lundberg:

Opening the show with "Suddenly," for most in the room this was their first glimpse at Baby Yors live. His heavenly vocals floated over each piece, emphasizing every note. Pieces such as "Stronger on the Moon," and "Bad Influence" immediately struck me as well as others in the room, as his passionate lyricism and boisterous vocals echoed throughout the venue. During the set Baby Yors incorporated a duo of dancers that performed with elegance, grace and seductiveness adding a whole new element to the pieces.

Songs such as "Don't Say You Love Me," the show-stopping "Stop Screaming My Love," and "Silicone Baby," brought the show to a whole new level, as both Baby Yors and his talented backing band were both on point. Another surprise of the night was Baby Yors' gorgeously crafted cover of Etta James' "At Last." Doing the song justice, he belted out the vocals in a way that would make Mrs. James proud. Closing out the night with the epic piece "Hold Them," Baby Yors took his vinyl bow onto the stage as he went out with a bang. To sum up the show in one word: MAGIC. We can't wait to hear what Baby Yors comes out with next.

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