Video Premiere: Jeff Beam - "Wholed"

Music Video
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Portland, Maine songwriter and psych band leader Jeff Beam achieved a brief notoriety in 2015 for having his Spoon cover band set visited by Spoon themselves. Britt Daniel sat in with the band and sang a few tunes. It made for a hell of a photo op, showing up on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, etc. But once the accolades get buried in the endless scroll, the work of being a musician is still mostly sitting alone in a room trying to wring beauty out of the hidden corners of the mind. Beam's new video for "Wholed," from his album Is Believed to Have Been, shines a light on this quieter side of rock n roll.

Sounds like: Doug Tuttle, John Andrews & The Yawns, Chris Cohen

Artist: Jeff Beam

Single: “Wholed”

Album: Is Believed To Have Been