Cherie and Renno Are the Cat's "Meow" with New Single

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Cherie and Renno are debuting their newest musical endeavor, "Meow," with the world. Made up of Shiri Hadar and Ran Shem Tov, the group entice with their vibrant brand of rock. 

Alongside an electric viola, that Ran has not only designed but improved for years, the instrument took over a life of its own. The indie-pop band is delightful sounding, as they create a unique listening experience that shows their skill as both songwriters and performers. Putting their creative minds together, they bring us "Meow, a vibrant and captivating tune that puts them ahead in the 2017 indie rock game. We can't wait to hear more from the infectious new duo, as there's a rumor that the Viola has it's own film as well...

Shiri Hadar "Cherie," says of the track itself:

"Meow" is a kaleidoscope: it looks different on every turn. It is a lovesong for a wild, modern woman, a soundtrack for a crazy cat trip to space and a setting for a session in a dark, quirky studio. 

And not to forget the viola that helps breathe life into their music:

"In the middle of our new band, stands one new, home-made instrument; a wooden, electronic, multi-synth Viola that Ran,our frontman, built from parts he collected throughout the years. The Viola became, throughout her incarnations, a sassy, opinionated independent creature who speaks her mind about being a hybrid in a world of regular musical instruments."

Listen to "Meow" Via Soundcloud:


Soundcloud: renno