Daily Dose: Arjan Miranda, "Spiritual America"

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Daily Dose: Arjan Miranda, "Spiritual America"

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Spiritual America is no mere promotional clip. It’s a piece of video art. While it does carry with it the title track to Portland musician Arjan Miranda latest album, it’s really a vehicle for the visuals created by a quartet of amazing artists: Kim Krans, Lori Damiano, Elena Stonaker, and Stacey Rozich. Their combined efforts fuel this representation of what they are calling a “requiem for the American Dream,” and a “journey through the underworld of the American psyche into the imaginal realms of utopian vision.”

Though if we’re honest much of the credit for the power of this video comes from Miranda’s music. The 14 minute piece from this Black Mountain and Family Band member is explosive and wondrous post-rock that flows forward and recedes like tidal movements. Just as the blustery opening segment starts to fray, the friendly hum of modular synths and the plunk of an acoustic guitar arrives to bring calm and a sense of wonder to it all.

There’s plenty more music like this that goes in even more daring directions on the full album, which is available now through the imprint overseen by Miranda’s art collective, The Wild Unknown. Click here for more information and more music.

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