Daily Dose: Ayo, “Paname”

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Daily Dose: Ayo, “Paname”

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Nigerian-German singer Ayo is well known around the world. Her four studio albums have reached Double-Platinum status in Europe. She’s collarborated with Citizen Cope, who even performed their song “Justice” in the Paste Studio last week. Additionally, Ayo’s acting has appeared in films that have landed in the Berlin and Toronto International Film Festivals. Yet, even after living in New York for three years, Ayo is still a relatively unknown musician here in the United States.

Now, however, it seems Ayo will be receiving the credit she’s due in America. Her self-titled fifth album will be released next month, led by the silky, sultry single “Paname.” Ayo explains that the title is a sort of slang reference to the grittier side of the city of Paris, but listeners would never know that from her soothing vocals. Sung partially in French and partially in English, the two-and-a-half-minute “Paname” floats gently like a boat along the Seine, bubbling from its serenity only by the funky wah pedal-laden guitar riff.

Check out “Paname” below and stay tuned for Ayo’s self-titled album due out Oct. 6.

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