Getting Mad with The Kris Heaton Band

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Getting Mad with The Kris Heaton Band

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The Kris Heaton Band are back in action with their latest record, "World Gone Mad." A fitting title for the current age, the band brings an addictive brand of Rock n' Roll to the table with a dash of nostalgia. Also combining elements of  Pop and Blues into the mix, their music will quickly appeal to the masses. Standout tracks on the album include "One Thin Line,"  that helps to set the tone for the record. With a smooth bassline and pounding drums, the ambitious piece helps to create a epic listening experience. 

Heaton's voice is gritty and memorable as his witty lyricism flow throughout the tracks. It's not only fresh but refreshing. Throughout the record there are many songs that caught my attention right from the beginning. From the standout piece "Drink to the Girls," to "Something New," the Kris Heaton Band showcases their work flawlessly as both songwriters and performers. Another genre we get a hint of on the record is Southern Rock, which rounds out the listening experience. With just one listen of The Kris Heaton Band's "World Gone Mad," you'll be hooked...I know I am!

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