Grierson & Leitch: Some Back and Forth on It

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Grierson & Leitch: Some Back and Forth on <i>It</i>

The biggest hit in weeks—and one of the biggest horror openings of all time—is Stephen King’s It. This week in the Grierson & Leitch podcast, we discuss the adaptation. One of us loves it, the other not so much. Either way: It’s definitely worth poring over.

Then, in our Reboot segment, we look at Sidney Lumet’s last film, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, and then reflect on Shane Black’s Robert Downey Jr.-Val Kilmer buddy comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

We hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think on Twitter, or As always, give us a review on iTunes with the name of a movie you’d like us to review, and we’ll discuss it on a later podcast. Subscribe to Grierson & Leitch on iTunes, the quickest and best way to get the show.

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