It's Just Craig Brings Us to "Dark Corners" on New LP

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It's Just Craig have just released the epic new album, "Dark Corners." Channeling different genres from Indie to Americana to the deemed 'Goth Country," the artistic endeavor takes on a life all of its own. Lead single "Goodnight," acts as the perfect introduction into the world of It's Just Craig. To boot the record was produced by John Vanderslice, who also has appeared on the track "Goodnight," lending some of his synth-skills.

Assembled by main players Craig Helmreich, Marc Ford, Elijah Ford, Jason Slota, Rob Shelton and Jess and Kels Von Strantz, "Dark Corners,"  marks the second release for the group. An alluring 10-tracks make up the record as the harmonious melodies and poetic lyrics evoke artists such as Ryan Adams. Standout tracks on the album include pieces such as "Alone," that is laced with piano and delicate features.

Throughout the record each song tells a story, as the songs are shaped around a cargo boat captain and the journey that he embarks on. The album is filled with though-evoking tales and peaceful melodies, which is notable in personal favorites such as "Go." From beginning to end, It's Just Craig impresses with "Dark Corners." It's rich, haunting and accessible...the best kind of record there can be; a must listen for 2017/

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