Lars Ulrich and Dave Grohl Swap Stories About Music Idols in Interview

Music Video Foo Fighters
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Two of the greats collided on Beats 1 Radio when Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich interviewed Foo Fighters Dave Grohl for his It’s Electric! radio show. The rockers covered tons of ground in the interview, swapping trade stories about being hammered at live shows and comparing pre-show rituals—the Metallica dudes get stretched and massaged, while the Foo Fighters take shots and crack each other up.

Grohl also recounted many of his experiences meeting or performing with his music idols: playing as Mick Jagger’s backing band for an SNL appearance, running into Liam Gallagher at Glastonbury Festival and enlisting Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockton to provide choral vocals to a track on the Foos’ forthcoming Concrete and Gold.

Ulrich and Grohl both had something to say about Paul McCartney, who also makes an appearance playing drums on Concrete and Gold. Ulrich described an instance when he was supposed to back U2 on drums for a private party, but McCartney swooped in and stole the role instead. Grohl also recalled a moment when he witnessed McCartney nailing a recording in one take.

They also cover Zeppelin, PJ Harvey and others in the hilarious interview, which you can watch above. And while you’re here, listen to Foo Fighters and Metallica performances from the Paste Cloud below.