Neil deGrasse Tyson Spent His Sunday Night Critiquing Game of Thrones Season Seven's Realism

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Spent His Sunday Night Critiquing <i>Game of Thrones</i> Season Seven's Realism

Although HBO’s Game of Thrones is hardly known for its cold, hard realism—the series has actually been going in the other direction as of late—that didn’t stop everyone’s favorite astrophysicist-turned-pop-culture fixture Neil deGrasse Tyson from dropping a little bit of knowledge on Sunday night, offering his notes on the show’s recently concluded seventh season.

Tyson made sure to give his followers the courtesy of a spoiler check before getting into the nitty-gritty of his critique:

From there, the StarTalk host took a brain-first dive into the frozen lake that is scientifically assessing Game of Thrones:

However, the bulk of Tyson’s comments were positive, with many of them focused on how HBO apparently nailed the physics of dragons:

As EW points out, Game of Thrones’ creators should take Tyson’s evaluation in itself as an accolade. Only acclaimed, serious works of science fiction have received the Tyson treatment, including Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. And for the record, the questions Tyson raised also came up in our own reviews of Game of Thrones season seven.

Tyson concluded his tweet storm with a Game of Thrones-themed nod to Sunday’s other events—namely, the whole kerfuffle over our terrible president’s hatred of kneeling. Needless to say, Tyson took the side of reason:

Game of Thrones starts shooting its eighth and final season next month, and will return to HBO who knows when. Watch a recent Tyson interview from the Paste Cloud below.

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