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Don't tell Aubrey Logan that jazz and pop don't mix!  This sassy singer-songwriter and world-class trombone player has heard it before, and she's proving the doubters wrong with cross-genre tracks that bridge the sounds of Herbie Hancockand Bruno Mars. For her latest single,  Logan jumps back to 1990 with a cover of MC Hammer's ‘U Can't Touch This’.

Logan hits every note and rapid-fire rap lyric of the hip-hop classic with her four-octave jazzy vocal range, fused with swing-tinged musicianship, scatting and of course, her own trombone playing. Her jazzy restyling of this MC Hammer hit makes this one of the sassiest and ingenious make-overs of this year.

"I was determined to make a classic hip-hop song in my jazz style, but had the hardest time finding one I connected with. But one day in the supermarket, I heard MC Hammer’s 'U Can’t Touch This' playing in the produce aisle," Logan explains "I immediately jumped for joy; started singing along and thinking of ways to re-harmonize the track."  Enjoy the jazz-tastic result!