Calexico Announce New Album, Share Illuminating Single "End of the World With You"

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Calexico Announce New Album, Share Illuminating Single "End of the World With You"

Like many artists, Tucson-based rockers Calexico are finding catharsis through song in times fraught with tumult and volatility. With their newly announced forthcoming studio LP The Threat That Keeps Us, they encapsulate the anxiety and unease that comes with the world in which they live, through the forum of profound lyricism and distorted guitars.

“There’s a little more chaos and noise in the mix than what we’ve done in the past,” co-founder Joey Burns said of making the album. Much of the chaos comes from “where we’re at right now as a planet,” but it’s also a testament to Calexico’s penchant for experimentation: “Whenever we’re writing and we come up with something that feels too familiar, someone will end up saying, ‘That feels good, but let’s keep going and see what else we can uncover,’” Burns explained. “It’s been really important to the arc of this band’s evolution for us to always keep on trying new things.”

The album’s lead single “End of the World With You” keeps with the theme of chaos. Directly influenced by the dramatic landscape surrounding the house studio in Northern California where they recorded, the uplifting melody is intermittently pierced by wailing guitars, juxtaposing light and dark instrumentally, as well as lyrically: “Love in the age of the extremes / There’s nothing better that I’d rather do.”

The Thread That Keeps Us is due out Jan. 26 via Anti- Records. The forthcoming ninth studio album is Calexico’s follow-up to 2015’s Edge of Sun, and was collaboratively produced by the band and their longtime engineer Craig Schumacher. Check out the album’s cover art and tracklist below, underneath the lyric video for “End of the World With You” and a Calexico performance from the Paste Cloud.

The Thread That Keeps Us Cover Art:

Calexico The Thread That Keeps Us via Anti Records.jpg

The Thread That Keeps Us Tracklist:
01. End of the World with You
02. Voices in the Field
03. Bridge to Nowhere
04. Spinball
05. Under the Wheels
06. The Town & Miss Lorraine
07. Flores y Tamales
08. Another Space
09. Unconditional Waltz
10. Girl in the Forest
11. Eyes Wide Awake
12. Dead in the Water
13. Shortboard
14. Thrown to the Wild
15. Music Box

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