Daily Dose: Contributors, "It's A Natural Low"

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Daily Dose: Contributors, "It's A Natural Low"

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The recent death of Holger Czukay, the bassist for Can, was yet another door closing to the vibrant Krautrock scene that emerged in Germany in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. But the sound of artists like Can and Cluster and Neu! is still being felt by modern artists who are pulling from their motorik rhythms and nebulous song forms for inspiration.

One such project that feels hugely indebted to that sound is Contributors, a new collaboration between English garage-pop singer/songwriter Dan Melchior and Austin, Texas noise rockers Spray Paint. As part of a series of records that the latter is doing where they work with another musician in short recording sessions, this album is a train ride into the cosmic unknown, or a DMT trip in the backseat of a fast-moving car.

To hear what I’m talking about, check out “It’s A Natural Low,” one of the first released tracks from this LP, which will be widely available via Monofonus Press on November 17th.

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