Julien Baker Releases Slow-Burning Video for "Turn Out the Lights"

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Julien Baker Releases Slow-Burning Video for "Turn Out the Lights"

Julien Baker is a master of the heavy, spine-tingling melodies. As vulnerable as her lyrics are, her raw and honest vocals give strength to the confessional reflections of her experiences with drug abuse and mental instability. Through her forthcoming record Turn Out the Lights, she copes with her past struggles, and her newest single, the title track of the album, is another harrowing piece of her story.

The song starts as a slow burner with blended voices and gentle guitar strums, eventually leading into a heart-dropping climax, when Baker just lets it all out. The accompanying video, directed by Sophia Peer, does justice chronicling the feeling of the song—Baker steadily follows a fuse through through the wilderness, and by nightfall, it leads her to an open, grassy field where she finds a flame-engulfed piano.

Baker sets out to bring her forthcoming record to life tomorrow with a show in Atlanta. She will make her way around North America before heading across the pond to tour Europe in November, and will return Stateside after that. See her complete itinerary here, in addition to more details of Turn Out the Lights. While you’re at it, revisit the video for her previous single, “Appointments” (a track she recently performed on A Prairie Home Companion) and check out a clip from Baker’s Paste Studio session underneath the video for “Turn Out the Lights” below.

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