Mavis Staples Releases Funky New Single "Little Bit"

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Mavis Staples Releases Funky New Single "Little Bit"

Mavis Staples  is a badass lady. She’s speaking out against the inequalities in today’s nation, and with the help of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, she’s doing it through the vehicle of If All I Was Was Black. In the wake of exclusionary rhetoric about race coming from the streets and even the White House, the duo set out to address the fissures dividing the country.

Staples previously shared the title track of the album, and now she’s given us another one, “Little Bit.” Per a press release, “The song is a cautionary anthem of all the ways in which those regarded as suspicious have to weigh their actions just to survive day to day.” It kicks off with a funky, bouncy bass line, and then Staples and company take over with their soulful call-and-response vocals. “A little bit out of line, and my baby won’t make it home,” Staples sings.

Listen to “Little Bit” below, and revisit Staples’ previous single, along with details of If All I Was Was Black, right here. Also below, find an interview with Staples and one of her performances from the Paste Cloud.

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