This 'Oreo Beer' is Something Only a State Fair Could Make

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This 'Oreo Beer' is Something Only a State Fair Could Make

Earlier this year, The Veil put out a limited-edition version of its milk stour, Hornswoggler conditioned own hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies.

At the time, the idea seemed like a unique one. But now, the Texas State Fair has taken things to a level none of us imagined possible.

At this year’s fair, festival-goers can snag a limited-edition Oreo beer of the type only a state fair could create. The beer is actually just Left Hand Brewing’s Nitro Milk Stout, but it’s being served in a glass that has been rimmed with Oreo creme and then dusted with Oreo crumbles. The whole thing is topped off with an Oreo cookie for good measure.

Does it sound unusual? Yes. Do we want to try one? You better believe it.

As it turns out, not all fair-goers have been giving the brew great reviews. While everyone seems to be excited that they gave the “Oreo Beer” a try, a lot of social media posts have noted that it’s maybe not something they’ll be rushing to try again.

That said, Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout is pretty solidly accessible in most places in the country. I see a potential new dessert headed my way later this week.