Video Premiere: Irrevery - "What Kind of Loving"

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Artist: Irrevery

Album: Volume I

Track: What Kind of Loving

Release Date: Nov 19

The icon of the band Irrevery is the smiley face - bright yellow and benign, and the band spends every possible moment inverting it, turning it into the mask that rides smugly on top of all of our terror, our sorrow, our messiest wildest selves. Volume I (which is an album, but also a book, a series of events, three short films) takes us on a series of adventures behind the mask and into a whole lot of Lynch-ian places. 

“What Kind of Loving,” the first song/film from Volume I, takes us inside a series of tiny houses (held of course, by a smiley face floating in blackness) where a dark blue figure stalks and chases its pure white twin, before the whole thing explodes into red, with a third mirrored figure and a desperate hungry rush of lyrics that drop T.S. Eliot references (“more than dare eat a peach”) on top of slashing tremolo guitars. The imagery is vivid and discomfiting, can all three figures be reconciled into one? Will they survive? What happens when you lift the mask up and face what’s underneath? 

The song itself thunders along manically, punctuated with dissonant guitar stabs, tempo shifts, chasing the albums themes of anger, suppressed identity, fear. It’s an uncategorizable mash up of post punk, classic rock’n’roll, and the frenetic energy of punk, all with a country twang and lyrics that confront death and ultimate meaning. It takes courage and a calling to make something so singular in the 2017 landscape, and Irrevery is doing it. 

Irrevery will be celebrating Volume I with a show at Secret Project Robot Nov 19th, featuring Toyzanne and No Ice. 

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