ALA.NI's New Video for "Not Coming Home" Conveys That Love Is Love

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ALA.NI's New Video for "Not Coming Home" Conveys That Love Is Love

When it comes to instruments, for ALA.NI, less is more—her alluring voice carries its own weight just fine. The West London-born, Paris-based singer debuted her album You & I earlier this year, and it’s a perfect testament to how her smoky, vintage lilt and gorgeous lyricism have beguiled Europeans for years. She also shared a track for an Amazon Acoustics playlist, “Not Coming Home,” and today, she debuted the song’s video, which prominently conveys the foundation of what the song is all about: love.

ALA.NI explained to NPR, who premiered the video, the origin of the song:

“The song ‘Not Coming Home’ was written three years ago in a hotel room in Paris. I wrote it about a male friend of mine who we both shared an open attraction towards each other. But nothing ever happened. I used to wonder how he explained this very intimate relationship to his girlfriend. So I wrote a song about it from his point of view, supposing that we had done the deed and set our true feelings into action and he had to explain to his girlfriend where he had been all night.”

Rather than a blossoming romance between a man and a woman, however, the video depicts an affair between two women, fortifying ALA.NI’s message that “Love is love is love is love.” She portrays one of the women, meeting up with the other at a bar when the clip opens. They promenade around the city with each other into the early hours of the morning, and after sharing a kiss, ALA.NI returns home to her male partner, but, as she sings, she’s “not really sorry for not coming home last night.”

Watch the dreamy video for “Not Coming Home” below, and see a cut from ALA.NI’s spellbinding Paste Studio session underneath. Also, revisit our feature on the artist in the first edition of Paste Quarterly here.

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