Daily Dose: The Telescopes, "Silent Water"

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Daily Dose: The Telescopes, "Silent Water"

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It’s already been a busy year for Stephen Lawrie and his musical endeavor known as The Telescopes. Earlier this year, he released As Light Return, a fantastic album of succulent shoegaze and post-punk, as filtered through his love of pure psychedelia. Hot on its heels is a brand new full-length, Stone Tape, to be released digitally and on vinyl by the Italian imprint Yard Press on November 20th.

While only six songs long, the record leaves quite a bruise behind. Lawrie gives into his minimalist side, accompanying his languid voice and hushed guitar playing with harmonium drones and, occasionally, the pulse of a drum machine. It’s the latter that flutters through “Silent Water,” the track that Yard Press gave us to share with you, dear readers. Like its namesake, the song is a calm float in a placid pool, or a slow sink into a warm, immersive bath. Translate that idea however you want to, but just know that it will relax you into a blissful state of relaxation. Don’t operate any heavy machinery while this is spilling through your earbuds.

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