Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Switchfoot Frontman Jon Foreman's 25 in 24

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Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Switchfoot Frontman Jon Foreman's <i>25 in 24</i>

For Jon Foreman, one of the most important effects of music is the community it creates. And by embarking on a journey to play 25 shows within 24 hours, the Switchfoot frontman got to experience people coming together to bond over the love of song. His forthcoming documentary 25 in 24 chronicles this journey throughout San Diego, where Foreman created his own stage in everyday settings—a children’s hospital, a Mexican restaurant, his old high school, a wedding—where people were able to join him, not as his fans, but as his equals. Today, you can watch the uplifting trailer for the documentary, exclusively at Paste.

Inspiration for this grandiose feat derived from playing Switchfoot aftershows. Foreman explains:

Music has been this safe place for me that has allowed me to find community in a way I can find nowhere else. I started by playing these aftershows. We’d finish our set as a band, and I’d go out on the street or to a bar or coffee shop or whatever and play a few extra songs. These impromptu musical experiences kind of gave birth to the idea of playing around the clock because they were chaos, and they were strange, kind of awkward, obviously unscripted, with no microphones and no real set or anything like that. For me, the community that came out of it was beautiful, and there was this idea that we were all equals. So I thought, “What if I could do that all the way around San Diego at all sorts of different places?”

Logistically, an abundance of planning was involved to curate as smooth of an operation as possible. With limited time to travel in between sets, Foreman and his friends picked venues based around traffic, figuring out what places would be opened to the public and which ones would allow bigger or smaller crowds. From there, he invited people from all over the world, reaching out to friends who lived as far away as India, to fly in to be a part of his project.

The biggest preparation involved, however, was remembering all the lyrics to 75 songs—they played music from Switchfoot, Foreman’s side project Fiction Family and his solo work—and orchestrating who would play what. The three songs played at each venue were reimagined to fit the setting, using a mariachi band at a Mexican restaurant, a marching band at his high school, and so forth. “I wanted every spot to feel unique. Not just in the songs that were presented there, but with the way they were presented,” Foreman says.

Along the way, Foreman and company even got to raise money for Switchfoot’s Bro-Am Foundation, which empowers homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged youth through music, art and surfing, and were also able to donate thousands of dollars worth of music equipment to his high school.

“There was a lot of good that came out of it monetarily, but I think the biggest benefit from the whole thing was just the simple joys along the way, the community established, the common ground,” Foreman said. “I think now more than ever, we’re a nation that’s in need of the places where we can find our commonality, as far as our humanity is concerned, and I think that music is one of the few places where we are reminded of not how different we are, but of what we hold in common.”

By the end of it, rather than feeling exhausted after performing and traveling for 24 hours straight, Foreman had the opposite sentiment: “I felt completely invigorated by the experience. I saw a community develop, and seeing friendships established, and seeing people uniting hour after hour around music is an exhilarating feeling. I left the experience feeling much more awake and alive than when I first started.”

25 in 24 will be screened in select theaters starting in February 2018, but at the start of the following month, Foreman will kick off a tour in support of the film, where he will screen the movie and perform as part of an acoustic trio. See the trailer and film poster below, along with his tour stops—more cities will soon be added—and a Switchfoot performance from the Paste Cloud. Tickets for the tour go on sale Dec. 8 at 10 a.m. local time, but Paste readers can get early access with the code JONFOREMAN. To purchase tickets, go here.

25 in 24 Film Poster:

25in24 Poster.jpg

Jon Foreman Tour Dates:

01 – Bourbonnais, Ill.
03 – Madison, Wis.
04 – St. Paul, Minn.
07 – Atlanta, Ga.
08 – Charleston, S.C.
11 – Cincinnati, Ohio
12 – Nashville, Tenn.

11 – Bakersfield, Calif.
12 – Santa Cruz, Calif.
13 – Azusa, Calif.
14 – San Diego, Calif.
26 – Boston, Mass.
27 – New York, N.Y.
28 – Langhorne, Pa.
29 – Shippensburg, Pa.
30 – Washington, D.C.

01 – Durham, N.C.

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