Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Next Stan Against Evil

Comedy Video Stan Against Evil
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Evil's tough to kill. It definitely takes more than one television season to get it done.

The horror comedy Stan Against Evil returned to IFC last week with its second season, and John C. McGinley, Janet Varney and the rest of the cast are still dealing with the endless supernatural calamities befalling their idyllic New Hampshire town. If you like your jokes with a side of spook, or maybe coated with some demon's blood, you might dig this show, which was created by veteran stand-up comedian and former Simpsons writer Dana Gould.

In this exclusive preview from the second of two episodes premiering tomorrow night, Varney (who plays the town's sheriff, Evie Barrett) is settled in with her friend Denise (played by Deborah Baker Jr.) for a girls' night. That means boxed wine, popcorn and their favorite show, a dating contest that would've been called The Bachelor if this show aired on ABC. On Stan everything's a venue for eldritch evil to creep into our unprepared world, though, so don't expect Evie to just find solace in the insincere heartbreak of others without it becoming a whole big supernatural scene.

"Girls' Night" is the second of two Stan Against Evil episodes airing on IFC tomorrow night, starting at 10 PM ET. Check out that clip above, and when you're done go read Janet Varney's essay about what Halloween can learn from cosplay exclusively here at Paste.