Bad News Comes to Kate Bosworth in This Exclusive Clip from The Long Road Home

TV Video The Long Road Home
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In this exclusive clip from tomorrow night’s episode of The Long Road Home, LeAnn Volesky (Sarah Wayne Callies), the leader of the Family Readiness Group and the wife of Lt. Col. Gary Volesky, passes news of a deadly ambush in Iraq to Gina Denomy (Kate Bosworth), the wife of Capt. Troy Denomy.

It’s a striking moment from the third installment of National Geographic Channel’s eight-part limited series, based on Martha Raddatz’s book about the 2004 attack now known as “Bloody Sunday”: Gina, dressed in an oversize Army sweatshirt, shakes at the prospect of her husband’s death, before LeAnn reassures her that the fatality is “below the rank of captain.” The scene is an emblem of one of the series’ core strengths, as Paste’s Amy Amatangelo writes in her review: “The Long Road Home is an unflinching look at the terrors of war, the heroes war creates, and the sacrifices of all involved.”

Here’s Nat Geo’s description of the episode, titled “Into the Unknown”:

Denomy leads the first rescue into Sadr City under heavy fire, facing an overwhelming Iraqi militia. It’s clear insurgents have been preparing for this ambush for weeks. Volesky launches the second rescue convoy. Both rescue convoys take heavy casualties, while Aguero and his men struggle to hold their position in the Iraqi house. Meanwhile, back on the homefront in Fort Hood, Texas, Gina Denomy faces challenges of her own as she adjusts to being a new care team leader in the Fort Hood Family Readiness Group and the mother of a newborn son.

The Long Road Home airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.