U2 and Kendrick Lamar Team Up Once More for "American Soul"

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U2 and Kendrick Lamar Team Up Once More for "American Soul"

When DAMN. came out in April, Kendrick Lamar gave us a track that featured a baby dose of Bono, “XXX.” Then earlier this month, U2 shared “Get Out of Your Own Way,” for which Lamar provided a powerful spoken-word outro. Today, everything comes full circle with U2’s release of “American Soul,” the latest single from their forthcoming Songs of Experience.

The song picks up right where “Get Out of Your Own Way” left off, with Lamar’s benediction. When the song kicks into the Edge’s processed guitar riffs, Bono sings the part Lamar sampled in his song: “It’s not a place / This country is to me a sound / Of drum and bass / You close your eyes to look around.” With this anthem, Bono advocates immigration and stands up for refugees, but he still attempts to keep with the theme of stadium anthems with a refrain audiences can chant along to: “You! Are! Rock ‘n’ roll! You and I are rock ‘n’ roll!”

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the release of Songs of Experience, which comes out on Dec. 1. Revisit the album’s details and U2’s tour dates here, and check out “American Soul” below, along with a U2 performance from the Paste Cloud.

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