Watch Pearl Jam Play a Rare B-Side From Ten Way Back in 1991

On Nov. 9, 1991, Pear Jam made an in-store appearance at Tower Records behind their iconic debut album.

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Watch Pearl Jam Play a Rare B-Side From <i>Ten</i> Way Back in 1991

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On Nov. 9, 1991, Pearl Jam was touring small venues in support of their debut album Ten, which had come out two months earlier. The band stopped in to the Tower Records (R.I.P.) in Rockville, Md., for an acoustic in-store appearance, playing four songs for an eager, long-haired audience. Three of those songs would become Pearl Jam staples in the years to come and help boost Ten to epic sales figures: “Porch,” “Black” and “Alive.” The fourth, a slow-burner called “Wash,” was a B-side on the “Alive” single and wouldn’t see a proper release until 2003, when it appeared on the rarities collection Lost Dogs.

Watch a very young Pearl Jam perform “Wash” on this date 26 years ago. And while you’re here, check out this rare footage of the band’s acoustic set at the 1994 Bridge School Benefit.

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