Fox In Oil Release New EP, 'Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert'

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The members of Fox In Oil know that it's those wildcard moments in life that lead to soulful transformation. For this sleek foursome, that moment came when a band of seasoned professionals decided to take a chance on a newbie, a 15-year-old wunderkind female vocalist and songwriter Daria Manakova. Luckily for all involved, it was a match made in pop heaven. The Saint Petersburg, Russia-based band ushers in a new era of fertile creativity and assured artistry on their just-released EP 'Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert', specializing in chic pop-rock hooks, sensual modern R&B-tinged vocals and atmospheric textures.

On "Sham," Fox In Oil shows off their cross-functional ability to straddle two worlds: a dance club and a dramatic movie soundtrack. "Madness" (which you can hear above) displays mathematical arranged loops blended with an electro "heartbeat" kickdrum. Sweetly layered synths seamlessly compliment Manakova's stunning vocal performance, leading into perfectly placed baselines.

"Memories" has all the essentials of a modern alternative pop song. Fox In Oil bring on TonyB for an explosive track that captures listeners attention with an intense instrumental section and strong, impactful chorus. A clear stand-out of the EP is sophomore single "Rise And Fall." A repeatedly large, booming chorus combined with wet guitars and snare drums make for an arrangement that tugs at the heartstrings. "There is hope within despair / like a breath of lively air..." Such a great tune.

Wrapping up 'Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert' is its most organic track, "Fleeting Times." Using a live band format, Fox In Oil showcase a beautifully arranged track that channels a classy and conservative sound. Soothing piano fills the track with an upbeat but nostalgic vibe that we can certainly appreciate.

‘Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert’ is now available to dream on Soundcloud and Spotify. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Fox In Oil!