A View Of Earth From The Moon Brings An Epic Cloud-Sweep single "Distance Runner"

Music Video
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The music video for “Distance Runner” is about the most literal interpretation possible for the lyrics of the song. Well, for the lyrics that aren’t complete nonsense. A View of Earth from the Moon's creator Jonathan Fickes says this about the song “Distance Runner”; "I'm running a long distance. Real imaginative, haha. Despite it being so on the nose, I really like the concept. The video has me waking up in my apartment in Seattle, glancing at a picture of a band I had in my childhood, and then running across the entire state of Washington back to my home town of Moses Lake and reuniting with the band from the picture and jamming in the living room in my house like we used to when we were teenagers. That is my childhood home; those are my childhood friends, that is the same exact room where we used to practice."

"The video was completely self-indulgent. I think I was at a time in my life where I was missing my youth and all of its simplicities. Being a grown up is hard and having to reconcile the life I have as an adult with the life I wanted when I was a kid sometimes leaves me feeling pretty crummy. I've wished so many times that I could just travel back in time and play music in my living room with my friends. So for this video, I was like f@#k it, I'm just going to do that."

The invigorating, classically Big Beat-kissed debut feels like a stunning emotional discovery; almost like seeing your existence for the first time from space. 

Fickes grew up in farmland Eastern Washington where he couldn't suffer the region's distinct lack of a music scene or any real culture at all, so he got a degree in music and moved to New York City for a couple years, playing folk music in Williamsburg -- "chasing the ghost of Bob Dylan around Greenwich Village," he says. "I came back to Seattle to join a band. That band broke up, then a couple more bands came and went, now here I am. Plus all my family lives here." 

Evoking his adoration of ambitious bands like Oasis, Tom Petty, Beck, Tame Impala, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips and others, and revealing years spent in the Seattle indie rock scene with To the Sea and The Fraidies, Closer to A Ghost is A View of Earth from the Moon's bracing debut. It is full of rafters-rattling maximum power pop and lush, fully flowing romantic threnodies for people who have been aching for a big-sounding broken hearted new masterpiece for a while. All eras of widescreen jangle are tapped; all flavors of vibrant power pop are robustly present. 

-Myra Ivy



2/15 – Oberon's Tavern, Ashland, Oregon

2/16 – Yolo Brewing Co, Sacramento, California

2/17 – Kawika's Ocean Beach Deli, San Francisco, California

2/18 – Simple Pleasures Cafe, San Fracisco, California

2/20 – Bar Lubitsch, West Hollywood, California

2/21 – Casa, Costa Mesa, California

2/22 – Rogue Bar, Scottsdale, Arizona

2/23 – Legends Sports Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada

2/24 – Barmel, Carmel, California

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