Read This Touching Note the Director of Coco Received From a Mexican-American Moviegoer

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Read This Touching Note the Director of <i>Coco</i> Received From a Mexican-American Moviegoer

In an industry marred by under-representation (or misrepresentation) of other cultures, Pixar’s Coco had the important mission to do justice to its Mexican Day of the Dead premise. According to a note to Pixar, shared by director Lee Unkrich on Twitter, the film did just that.

If you still aren’t convinced that representation does indeed matter, read this person’s lavish praise for Pixar’s work. Not only did Coco ingrain itself in Mexican culture, but it allowed for viewers such as this person’s parents to watch the film in their first language of Spanish.

“[My mother] has always felt a bit out of place in the states,” the note reads. “But last night, she forgot that she was not from here. She felt at home.” It just goes to show the power that successful and tasteful representation has for Americans of different backgrounds.

Coco is a box-office hit in both the States and in Mexico. Check out our review of the film here.

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