Exclusive Robot Chicken's Freshly Baked Santa Claus Freakout Special Album Preview

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'Tis the season for new holiday specials across the TV dial. Adult Swim's Robot Chicken slams hard into the festive mood with this weekend's brand new Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition. Debuting on Sunday at 11:30 PM ET/PT, Freshly Baked isn't just another half-hour of Robot Chicken on TV. It's also spawned a digital album that's also out on Sunday and will be available for purchase in most major digital stores and also for streaming on all of those streaming platforms. (So, like, iTunes, and Spotify, and Amazon, etc. They're computer things.)

The Freshly Baked Santa Claus Freakout Special digital album features six brand new songs that are just positively drowning in holiday spirit. They make Johnny Mathis seem like a guy who hates Christmas. You're going to be absolutely sick of trees and presents and forestry smells when you're done listening to this thing dozens of times a day, every day until after Christmas. Just get a load of this track list:

I’m Watching You Toys Through the Years Be Bad What’s the Point Jesus Santa Rap Happy Sappy Christmas

Those are some song titles, there, huh? Six of 'em!

Hey, we know that waiting is the hardest part, as Tom Petty once said in our favorite Christmas carol. Waiting for Christmas, especially, is tough, and waiting for Christmas-themed Robot Chicken albums is even tougher. So here's a little tiny bit of relief for you, one single splash of magic from this six-song digital EP, available to you right now, an entire two days early. It's like when you get to open one gift on Christmas Eve only it's the equivalent of the day before Christmas Eve in this situation, and is also a better gift than anybody anywhere has ever given you, or could ever give you. It's the gift of music, and good cheer, and probably Seth Green and Kubiac from Parker Lewis doing Santa jokes, or something.

The song we're sharing today is the very first one on the album, "I'm Watching You," which details what Santa does the other 364 days of the year. Listen up. Click the arrow above to get started. You can hear the whole album on Sunday, and watch the special on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM ET/PT on Sunday night.

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