Willodean Is Bold with Awesome New EP Release

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Willodean Is Bold with Awesome New EP Release

We are bursting with excitement to share an album that we have been ROCKING all week: California pop-rock trio WILLODEAN’s "Awesome Life Decisions: Side Two"!

This record has something for everyone, a tasty combo of the southern roots of front man Abbie Huxley, the smart, McCartney-esque songwriting of Randy Wooten, and the indie rock edge of producer/bass player Eric Holden. Do yourself a favor and get a taste here! https://soundcloud.com/willodean/sets/awesome-life-decisions-side-two-1

The EP opens on perhaps the catchiest of it’s 6 tracks “The Gold” boasting a four on the floor dance beat and funky throwback rhythm guitars. We DARE you not to get up and dance to this and the next song “Want”, a sultry and moody slowburner with the hook “I want you”!

One of our favorites “Olive” is a quirky narrative detailing the life of a close friend of the band’s:

“‘Olive’ is about a friend of mine who has a lot of self-destructive tendencies.  At the core of that was always her loneliness and self-esteem issues…  I suppose this song was my attempt at cheering her up.  I wrote it nearly ten years ago but we brought it back for this EP, I think it fits our sound now.”