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Dara Katz and Betsy Kenney are expert parodists who have previously taken on ’80s-era action movies and ’90s-era soap operas. In “unSOLVABLE,” they tackle true-crime serials with pitch-perfect intensity: reenactments, wigs, a host with magnetic gravitas, zany talking heads scenes—they’ve got it all! Also a sentient toaster.

“Spaghetti Night”

Weston Haney wrote and stars in the sketch, directed by Doron Max Hagay, about a guy carrying home a big bowl of spaghetti after a dinner with friends. There’s a panhandler, some banter between friends, shades of a love story and maybe some subtle commentary on the impossible burdens millennials are inheriting from baby boomers, but at the heart of it all: just a guy and a biiiiiiiig bowl of pasta. Have you ever seen a bigger bowl?? As for me, the answer is no.

“Amazon Alex”

This Nanners Comedy commercial parody penned by Lana Schwartz envisions a new world, perhaps even a better world, but actually definitely a much worse world, in which Amazon offers a male version of Alexa, Alex, who’s just a real drag, even if you totally agree with his reasonable take on Fleet Foxes.

“Celebrity All-Star”>

Sisters Weekend is a Brooklyn-based trio that makes wig-heavy, surreal short films and funny videos. They released a whole bunch of great work this year, including several videos for IFC’s Comedy Crib. I have selected “Celebrity All-Star” because it’s the first one I watched, though I think they are all pretty equally weird and great and singular. I also enjoyed “Gelato,” a series they created with Amy Zimmer which just dropped on Funny Or Die, too. It’s all prooobably the kind of thing you will either love dearly or hate with all of your soul, but I hope you love it!


What can I say about “Papyrus” that I have not already said? This, I suppose: It’s still the funniest sketch SNL has done this season. Ball’s in your court, Lorne.

“Two Air Marshals Get To Their Flight Four Days Early”

If you enjoy Brendan O’Hare and Cory Snearowski on Twitter, which at least 62 thousand people do, then you will enjoy this video they made about what might happen if two air marshals arrive to their flight, wait for it, four days early. I guess they had access to a small plane and decided to make a sketch? And then they did it, they made the sketch. It’s got that same youthful, charmingly naive sensibility that makes them such distinct humorists, and I always love a good thing-exploding-that-you-wouldn’t-expect-to-explode joke. Two thumbs up from me, says me.

A Trailer For Call Me By Your Name Using Clips From Monsters University

I don’t know what this video by We Bare Bears writer Mikey Heller makes me giggle as much as it does, but it does, and so here it is, for you, my dear readers. Happy New Year.

Did I miss your video? I’m sorry. Please send it to me and I’ll check it out next year.

Seth Simons is Paste’s assistant comedy editor. Follow him on Twitter.

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