Daily Dose: Corey Flood, "Soft"

Soft Boys, beware: the Philly band's latest single is an elegant takedown.

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Daily Dose: Corey Flood, "Soft"

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Self-proclaimed “dark-pop” band Corey Flood, named for a Say Anything character, tackle disappointment and disillusionment with a sarcastic wink on their debut EP, Wish You Hadn’t. Led by Ivy Gray-Klein, who plays bass in the Philly band Littler, Corey Flood cite influence from Liz Phair and Helium, but add more wistful melodies, methodical rhythms and faint, whispery vocals to achieve a misty elegance.

The EP’s latest offering, “Soft,” is balmy and delicate, but cutthroat in sentiment. Gray-Klein is deadpan in her vocal delivery as she smartly points out the hypocrisies that lie at the center of a very modern male archetype: the “Soft Boy.”

Over an email exchange, Gray-Klein wrote that “Soft” is “a reflection on the concept of the ‘soft boy’ as a sort of emotional Trojan horse. That despite your best efforts to create a safe barrier around yourself, someone can still infiltrate it under the guise of emotional connection.”

Wish You Hadn’t is out Feb. 23 on Fire Talk Records.

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