Daily Dose: Wei Zhongle, "Mute"

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Daily Dose: Wei Zhongle, "Mute"

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Rob Jacobs and John McCowen thrive on restlessness. Their joint project Wei Zhongle has maintained a rotating cast of musicians through the five albums they have released under that name. Their work—guitar/vocals and amplified clarinet, respectively—have been the only constants. That free-flowing, open door policy has meant that, much to the delight of avant rock fans, their music constantly surprises. 2015’s Nu Trance was smashed together motorik rhythms with the swirl of North African melodics where Raised High/Brought Low from 2013 dabbled in jazz textures and an almost country-like rambling.

The latest pleasant shock to the system from this Chicago-based outfit is the new album The Operators, out on February 16th via Self Sabotage Records. This latest full-length finds Jacobs, McCowen and their new bandmates Pat Keen and Phil Sudderberg getting almost accessible. At least as accessible as, say, Fear Of Music’s more challenging moments got. The record is bouncy and bubbly yet cut through with hard angles and sharp points. Give a listen to this slithery beast of a song from the new LP and take care not to let it wrap around your cerebral cortex too tightly.

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