Grierson & Leitch: Year-End Mailbag Time!

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Grierson & Leitch: Year-End Mailbag Time!

Welcome back! It’s 2018! Somehow, we are all still alive.

It is time for our annual Mailbag show, in which we answer your questions about movies, our process, our limitations and anything that might pop into your mind. It has been a fascinating year in movies: Your questions, and hopefully our answers, reflect that.

Also, for the first time in more than a month, we have a Reboot movie. It’s 2008’s Cloverfield, which was released 10 years ago this week. How does it hold up? We dig into it.

You can find the podcast on Stitcher, Overcast and SoundCloud, but the quickest way to get every podcast is to subscribe through Apple Podcasts.

Oh, and we have new music! Thanks to Dylan Mayer and My Friend Mary, both of which are wonderful.

We hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think on Twitter, or As always, give us a review on iTunes with the name of a movie you’d like us to review, and we’ll discuss it on a later podcast.

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