Little Traps Come Alive with New Single, "Mouth Full of Butterflies"

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Little Traps is an American Folk band that is destined for great things in 2018. The group who originally hails from Ann Arbor, formed in 2010 with a fire underneath. 

Today premiering with us the track "Mouth Full of Butterflies," we get a delightful first listen into the insight of the band. With storytelling lyricism and bursting guitars, the group creates a unique sound that brings elements of Rock n' Roll into the mix. 

Frontman Nick Bertsos says of the track:

"When I wrote the song I was fascinated with how an intangible thing like anxiety can have such profound effects on people's lives. My friend's six year old son had painted a vase of flowers and under it wrote "all the fragile pretty things." I saw it hanging on their fridge and thought this kid had written something abstract and heavy that summed up my feelings at that time. I remember kneeling down and telling him "Ziggy Jr. I'm gonna steal that for a song." It became a staple at shows and it's a great introduction to the upbeat, wordy music we're known for."

Made up of guitar and vocalist Nick Bertsos alongside banjo and vocalist Annie Palmer, and pedal steel by Tom Green, the group creates an unstoppable force that you will not soon forget. With a debut full length out in late Spring of 2018, we're excited to hear what the band has in store for us next.

Listen to "Mouth Full of Butterflies," here!

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