Premiere: Tom Evanchuck Releases New Single "Strange"

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Have you ever found yourself on the receiving of unsolicited advice from someone of an older generation? That's the story behind Tom Evanchuck's new single "Strange" from his upcoming EP Just Got Back. The harmonica-laden tune finds Evanchuck receiving pearls of wisdom that soon lead him to picturing his own future.

"It was written after seeing an old man sitting at bar who was served a PBR before he could even sit down," says Evanchuck. "He just sat there all quaintly sipping his beer with both hands (covered in Band-Aids, hence the line in the song). This past year was a busy one with many weddings in my family and those two scenarios work together in unison for this track. The lyrics sound like words a person might say if they were cornered by a wise old man at a wedding."

With his new EP Just Got Back, Tom wanted to come from a more relatable, storyteller position and not so much the "jumping on an old train" subject matter that was prevalent in his previous records. He enlisted a group of talented musicians in the Cleveland area and in one day, they cranked out all 8 tracks. No one other than Evanchuck had even heard the songs before that day, creating a very organic, "in the moment" sound.

Pre-order Just Got Back here.