Daily Dose: Major Murphy, "One Day"

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Daily Dose: Major Murphy, "One Day"

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There’s something about the music released in 1978 that sends this fluttering ache to my stomach. It’s a nostalgia that I can’t explain because I was too young to really connect with anything. Yet, that feeling comes alive whenever certain songs come on the radio or pop up unannounced in Spotify. And it’s the exact feeling that I got when listening to Major Murphy.

This Grand Rapids, Michigan trio may not be aiming for that sound and those same sensations as, say, Kenny Loggins or “With A Little Luck,” but that’s what they landed upon with their forthcoming debut album No. 1 (out March 30 from Winspear Records). It’s all over “One Day,” a song that feels smooth as butter thanks to its perfect use of Rhodes electric piano and a supple rhythm that evokes a gentle, sun-kissed afterglow.

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