Dispatch Call for Common-Sense Gun Control With New Single “Dear Congress, (17)”

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Dispatch Call for Common-Sense Gun Control With New Single “Dear Congress, (17)”

The newly released standalone single from indie-folk band Dispatch couldn’t come at a more relevant time. Following the lamentable aftermath of the Parkland school massacre, Dispatch have made a call-to-action in their timely new song “Dear Congress , (17).” Written from the perspective of a grieving parent, the song’s lyrics speak directly to our country’s leaders, addressing them to demand change with lyrics like, “It’s not enough / Your thoughts and prayers / You send your love, you say you care / But you are not my baby.”

In a statement, Dispatch’s Chad Stokes and Brad Corrigan explain the inspiration behind “Dear Congress, (17)”:

Written from the the perspective of someone who just buried their loved one, Dear Congress is the personal side of observing Washington throw empty condolences to grieving families while accepting NRA Campaign money. How is it possible our “elected” protect the gun lobby more than the human lives they represent? How many more people have to die? How many more kids’ lives have to be erased before we pay attention and make simple common sense changes to how we buy and use guns in our country?

“Dear Congress” is the continuation of Dispatch’s social activist campaign, through which, last fall, they encouraged thousands of fans to contact their representatives and demand expanded background checks for gun sales.

The single is currently available through many streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, with all proceeds benefiting the the Brady Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to reduce gun violence in America.

Listen to Dispatch’s single in support of common-sense gun control, “Dear Congress, (17),” below (or via your streaming service of choice here), followed by the band’s live performance at the Paste Studio last year.

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