Player Unknown's Battlegrounds's Cheating Epidemic Persists, Even When Played for Charity

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<i>Player Unknown's Battlegrounds</i>'s Cheating Epidemic Persists, Even When Played for Charity

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds continues to be a sweeping success. The title has raked in $700 million dollars since its Early Access release last March and it remains atop the concurrent player list on Steam. It is also one of the most popular games among streamers on Twitch, a circumstance that the game’s developer, PUBG Corp., utilized recently for an outstanding cause: raising money for charity.

An official PUBG continuous five-day stream benefitting videogame-related charity Extra Life is currently in its fourth day over on Twitch, with a multitude of featured streamers commentating on and playing matches. It’s a commendable use of a title that has penetrated the conversation in so many circles of the gaming community that multiple games are retroactively attempting to copy its style of gameplay. Unfortunately, the stream was not exempted from the game’s cheating epidemic.

During a stream hosted by Bustin_the_nuts (because the internet), the cheating problem took center stage as a match neared its conclusion. The accused player appeared to be using some form of an aimbot cheat as they tossed grenades at an unseen enemy while staring at a tree. Bustin questioned the tactic, saying, “How does this guy always know where he’s at? You noticing this? Isn’t that so weird.” Once the player’s actions became clearer, Bustin began to lose it: “He’s staring at the tree but there’s been no vision. He knew about the guy flanking him and now what the fuck is this?”

PUBG Corp. has taken drastic action to ban cheaters in the game as the use of aimbots and other cheating devices has sparead, but having the issue infiltrate its own branded charity stream was quite the subversion of the company’s act of goodwill.

Users in the stream’s chat called on Bustin to boot the accused cheater from the match, but he wasn’t able to figure out how to remove the player before he eliminated the final combatant and claimed that yummy chicken dinner. At least the marathon is still on track to meet its $55,000 donation goal.

Check out the highlights of Bustin dealing with the suspected cheater below.

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