ATL's Soulful Ruby Velle Returns on "State of All Things," The Title Track of Her New Album

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ATL's Soulful Ruby Velle Returns on "State of All Things," The Title Track of Her New Album

In terms of bands that base themselves out of Paste’s own Atlanta backyard, Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics have long been one of our very favorites. With a fiery stage presence and voice that recalls the verve of Amy Winehouse or Sharon Jones, the band and its sultry leader have been charming Atlanta residents ever since the days of their well-remembered Star Bar residence in 2008.

In 2012 came the synthesis of the band’s work to date, in the form of their debut album It’s About Time. That groove-oriented collection of classic soul sounds hit Billboard Heatseeker charts and earned the band some attention from the likes of Starbucks, increasing the size of The Soulphonics’ audience considerably in the process.

Now, after almost six years of live performances and fine-tuning, Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics are back with a new full-length album, State of All Things, out March 23. We have the pleasure of giving fans a first glimpse at the title track of said album, an enveloping and wholesome-sounding R&B classic in the making. With a luxurious horn section, subtle strings and tight-as-hell guitar work, “State of All Things” feels like the musical equivalent of slipping into your favorite pair of jeans after a long day in stuffy office apparel.

Ruby Velle herself had the following positive message for Paste about the new single and album:

This album reaches the world, in my eyes, at a critical juncture for the collective consciousness. Do we choose to see the good within the sometimes separatist climate? Can we recognize that all this overwhelming chaos and calamity is only because there is now a true need to recognize the human condition as a loving condition? From anything perilous comes strength, resilience, reverence … and this album is a snapshot of that journey for us all.

As a band, we believe that all these journeys are connected through one love. With this idea we set out to create a sophomore effort that sparked our passion and excitement for the Southern fabric of our genre while also being a conduit for music as “The Great Unifier”. We worked incredibly hard to make our own unique statement within this genre, with respect to the greats before us. I hope the listener really feels this channeling of a time when music provided all answers to the division of humankind.

The album is brought to the world SOLELY independently, with our management team as exec. producer (Kristin Juel), helping to run a lean team of very talented musicians, creatives and small business entrepreneurs, that I am honored to work with. I cannot wait to share these tunes live with the world in the coming years.

Well, speaking for Paste, we certainly can’t wait to hear it and see it live. In the meantime, you can see the artwork for the single (by Methane Studios) below, and you can also access the pre-sale and pre-save for State of All Things by clicking right here.

The band is celebrating the release of State of All Things with a release show at Atlanta’s Terminal West on March 24, with a vinyl release to follow on April 27.

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