Daily Dose: Public Access T.V., "Lost in the Game"

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Daily Dose: Public Access T.V., "Lost in the Game"

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Public Access T.V has been keeping busy. The New York City-based quartet released their second album, Street Safari, late last month and embarked on a lengthy tour even earlier. The follow-up to 2016’s Never Enough pulls from both the old and the new, balancing retro beats with lyrics relatable to the digital age while layering lofty guitars with jingly keys.

Nestled in the middle of Street Safari is today’s Daily Dose, “Lost in the Game,” a tongue-in-cheek, poppy dive that has PATV lead John Eatherly lackadaisically singing “So what, who cares, goodbye” so often that you, too, will feel the same way. It’s a carefree, buoyant track driven by an understated bass line and surprise brass, a song fit for a dance hall in any of the last 4 decades.

Check out the video below, and see the band’s touring schedule right here.

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