Daily Dose: Samara Lubelski, "Black Dots"

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Daily Dose: Samara Lubelski, "Black Dots"

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Samara Lubelski name might not be familiar to you, but the music she has made or had a hand in helping bring to life certainly will be. As a recording engineer, she’s worked with everyone from Ted Leo to the Fiery Furnaces. And as a musician, she has shared studio space and stages with Chelsea Light Moving, the Sonora Pine and Sightings.

It’s long past time for the world to start paying attention to Lubelski’s work as a singer-songwriter. She has amassed an stunning run of psych-folk-pop recordings, and she’s about to add to it with Flickers At The Station, her new album that will be released in May via Drawing Room Records. To help announce this fine addition to her discography, Lubelski is sharing the first track from the LP “Black Dots” with us.

The song is a scintillating one, an enigmatic ramble of fuzzy guitars, cello drones, perfectly cheap drum machine pings and Lubelski’s breathy vocals clamoring for attention amid the din. It’s a mysterious sounding tune, made even curiouser when Lubelski was asked to explain what is at the song’s core. “The reduction of perception to the strictly visual. When the dots and lines fully command the space and all communication. Captivating and easy to embrace, ultimately, you meld with what you see.”

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