Dominic Monaghan Explains Why He Gave Up Sushi in This Exclusive Clip from Fusion's Food Exposed

TV Video Food Exposed
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In this exclusive clip from “Fish,” tonight’s all-new episode of Fusion’s Food Exposed with Nelufar Hedayat, Lost actor and eco activist Dominic Monaghan gives us an eye-opening tour of downtown Los Angeles’ sushi market—complete with a $400 piece of tuna.

As Monaghan explains, he once loved sushi, only to realize that the amount of fish needed to fuel the proliferation of high-end sushi restaurants and changing dietary habits threatens the long-term sustainability of fisheries the world over. “Globally, we’re eating 140 million tons a year,” Hedayat reports. “That’s twice as much as we did 50 years ago.”

It’s not just in the context of elite “foodies” that the episode considers the consequences of overfishing, either: Hedayat also travels to Gulf of Guinea to profile West African fishers struggling to compete with industrial foreign fisheries, and to the South China Sea to examine a place that’s been left almost without fish entirely.

“Fish” airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Fusion.