Pizza Hut Takes Pizza Shoe Technology to the Next Level With "Pie Tops II"

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Pizza Hut Takes Pizza Shoe Technology to the Next Level With "Pie Tops II"

Last March, Pizza Hut shocked the world with an invention the likes of which most of us couch potatoes never could have dreamed—shoes that ordered pizza at the touch of a button. Well okay, it wasn’t quite that simple—the shoes actually send a signal to your phone, which you can confirm to get a single pizza delivered to your home. But still: Pretty neat. After writing about this technological breakthrough, we found ourselves in possession of one of only 64 pairs of Pizza Hut Pie Tops on the planet Earth.

But not to be outdone, Pizza Hut and its Pie Tops are back for a second round of March Madness in 2018. The sequel shoes, which are literally being called “Pie Tops II,” contain the same pizza-ordering functionality, with an added twist: They can actually pause your TV while you go and collect your pizza order so you won’t miss a second of the game. Just as the shoes send a bluetooth signal to your phone, they can likewise send a signal to your DVR receiver to pause TV, and are compatible with receivers from Spectrum, DirecTV, XFinity, Dish, and Fios.

The new-and-improved Pie Tops were designed by sneaker creator Dominic Chambrone, also known as “The Shoe Surgeon.” They come in two colors this year; red and “wheat,” which is meant to approximate pizza crust. The list of special features is comical: “Extreme marinara splash, cheese grater mesh, branded Pizza Hut lace tags, extra ‘cheese pull’ laces, and branded inner soles.”

A very small number of the shoes will be available to the public to buy, totaling just 50 pairs. They’ll apparently be sold through Hypebeast on March 19, although details on pricing and how to purchase or win a pair of Pie Tops II haven’t yet been released. Those details will apparently be shared in the near future on the Hypebeast and Pizza Hut Twitter accounts. We would be expecting these shoes to come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Pizza Hut, if this wasn’t already clear, is the official pizza of the NCAA March Madness and the Final Four. It also recently became the new official pizza sponsor of the NFL, replacing Papa John’s, which had something of a falling out with the league.

How long until Pizza Hut dominates the known pizza landscape? It’s hard to say, but in that future, perhaps we’ll ALL be wearing Pie Tops.

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