The Best Builds for Monster Hunter: World's End Game

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The Best Builds for <i>Monster Hunter: World</i>'s End Game

When it comes to successfully slaying the creatures of Monster Hunter: World, preparation is key. To make your hunts go smoother, you should first make sure that your gear is up to speed, and your weapon of choice will have a big impact on how you choose between each of the game’s many different armor pieces and themed weapons. These decisions might not seem all that important to begin with, but your loadout will become much more important after you defeat the final monster and unlock the wealth of extra content in the end game.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve cobbled together a suggested build for each of the 14 weapon types, from which you can freely alter and change to suit your own preferences and needs. It’s important to note however that these builds are never set in stone and almost all of them can be tweaked to better suit either your own playstyle or to help counter a particularly nasty monster with a specific weakness. Try to think of them as a template that highlights a specific niche role or strength that you can take advantage of when playing with your own weapon of choice. There may also be recommendations for several high tier jewels that you’re unlikely to find lying around until much later in the game, so be sure to slot in any useful jewels you do have while you work towards acquiring the ones you want as this will help you to understand and customize your sets later on.

Sword and Shield

MHW Sword and Shield.jpg

The Sword and Shield (commonly referred to as the SnS) paints itself as a fairly vanilla weapon, but the reality is that this mundane looking combo brings a fairly powerful niche to the monster slaying table. while it may not do much damage per hit, the SnS is great at attacking rapidly and many users take advantage of this to apply status effects to help control and subdue the monster, allowing slower weapons to align their attacks with more precision. The SnS is also the only weapon that allows you to use consumables while having your weapon drawn, so there are a few popular builds that take advantage of this combined with the Wide Range skill to run a team-wide support build for multiplayer sessions. Given its sharp rise in popularity, we’re going to go with the support build for now.

For this set you should aim for:

Weapon—Grand Barong 2 (Gobbler jewel slotted)
Helm—Mosswine a
Chest—Rath Soul b (Friendship jewel slotted)
Arms—Dober b (2x Friendship jewels slotted)
Waist—Tzitzi a
Legs—Kirin b (2x Speed Eating)
Charm—Immobilize III

Thanks to the maxed out Wide Range and Speed Eating skills, with this setup we can hope to achieve a fairly effective build that revolves around using consumables to help buff and heal you and your team members, keeping everyone healthy and in the fight for as long as possible. This build also boasts a decent chance to apply paralysis to monsters too thanks to the Free Elem skill from the chest and legs, which is then also boosted by the Immobilize charm. You could try slotting a Satiated jewel into the weapon if you feel like you’re burning through your potions and items too fast, as it activates fairly regularly, but this will ultimately come down to personal preference.

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