Post Animal Premiere New Single "Tire Eyes" Ahead of Their Impending LP Release

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Post Animal Premiere New Single "Tire Eyes" Ahead of Their Impending LP Release

Chicago neo-psych-rock band Post Animal have released a new single, “Tire Eyes,” days before the April 20 release of their much-anticipated debut album When I Think Of You In A Castle via Polyvinyl.

After the release of last month’s “Gelatin Mode” and the stellar lead single “Ralphie,” Post Animal continue to hone their signature psych-rock sound with their latest single. The self-produced track flourishes with psychedelic guitar riffs, hard percussion and light pop melodies that recall the days of The Who and Led Zeppelin. This complex production is classic rock to its core, even in the layered vocals of the group. But its bassist Dalton Allison who takes center stage with his unwavering falsetto. In respect to the song, the group declares their love for the tour mainstay: “A song that we jammed since the beginning of our group and revamped throughout the years for worldwide debut in 2018. It’s time to share and we couldn’t be more excited.”

The song’s lyrics mimic the psychedelic nature of the production, as Allison’s abounding vocals change legendary rockers like Robert Plant and Elton John. Allison sings, “So forget about your day and let this record float you away / As your mind is winding, finding cause to be easy.” The song takes off in the chorus as bandmates join Allison, singing, “Keep rollin’ / Tire eyes / Keep rockin’ / Tire eyes.” The song never loses its effervescent nature at any point during its duration.

As the album’s release date of Apr. 20 approaches, the Post Animal boys are keeping things moving, as their upcoming tour starts Apr. 18 in Milwaukee.

With so much excitement and hype surrounding the group, Post Animal will have a lot to live up to. But the group seems more than ready for the challenge.

Listen to Post Animal’s new single “Tire Eyes” and watch their 2017 Paste Studio performance below.

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