Diving in with The Foxfires

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Diving in with The Foxfires

New York's The Foxfires are blazing through 2018 like an unstoppable force. The group who have been making waves with their newest release "Don't Give Up/Choose Love", have quickly become a favorite of fans and critics alike. We had the chance to catch up with the band as they gear up for more goodness in 2018.

Watch the video for "Don't Give Up / Choose Love" here:

When it came to creating the newest singles,  what was the in depth inspiration and influence behind them?

The dual single is very much inspired by recent current events. "Don't Give Up" was inspired by the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington as well as our own personal experiences regarding the subject of suicide. We've collectively all struggled with it individually at different points throughout our lives and we've known many people who have tragically left this world too soon. With the recent increase in suicide numbers and the complexity and negativity of current events, we wanted to do something that would inspire or encourage people to keep fighting the good fight and to stay as strong as possible until a solution or help can be found. There is a stigma around mental illness and the topic of suicide and it's unfair to those suffering to pretend that an epidemic and a problem doesn't exist. "Choose Love" goes hand in hand as a sister single. Lately, with all the negativity that has occurred in recent years and always, we've noticed a divisiveness that is a scourge on everyone. We want to move towards a world where we embrace love, empathy, peace, tolerance, unity, community, understanding, and knowledge over the negativity of hate, apathy, violence, intolerance, divisiveness, isolationism, rejection, and ignorance. We've seen too much of that recently and a world which experiences practically nothing but that, on a global scale, and a daily basis is meant to crash and burn. So far, we've seen much crashing and burning. We'd love to see positive change take flight.

How do you craft your songs? What elements go into each piece that we will hear consistent throughout the record?

Typically, CD (We identify Christian Diana as CD and Christian Cordero as CC to avoid confusion between the two Christians) will approach the table with a basic idea and lyrics. Then, we lay down the parts individually between bass, drums, and lead guitar. We'll talk to each other about what we do or don't like. Sometimes we'll change the structure or change certain parts and eventually it becomes the song that everyone grows to know and love. Elements that you'll hear throughout the two singles would definitely be our usual live set up (Lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, percussion). The two songs are somewhat drastically different in terms of style, so we change a few things out. In "Don't Give Up," you'll hear a synth on the choruses, and at the end, we have a xylophone accenting certain notes. In "Choose Love," we exchange the synth for a grand piano and the auxiliary percussion changes to more acoustic tones.

What has the recent touring taught you if anything?

I think we learn different things with each show that we play, even if it's just something like, "Okay, this worked tonight, so it'll probably work again next time." One of the things that we learned recently that has very much influenced our approach overall is what a resourceful tool Spotify is and has become. We had our music up for a long time, but we never promoted it on there as much as we are now. With the way that the music business is heading and the way that the modern age is, digital and physical sales of music are almost an anomaly if you aren't in the Billboard Top 100. We've realized that awhile ago, but we didn't know a way to get around that until we verified our Spotify and realized that streaming, although it doesn't provide much revenue at the moment, is the way of the future and it's essentially a promotional tool and a way of marketing other aspects of our music. People aren't paying for music anymore, so why not write it off as a business expense and use it to push our shows or our merch or to just spread the word. If you have a Spotify account, you have unlimited access to whatever music your heart could desire. That's not fiscally ideal for a musical artist, but it is useful if you change the way that you're looking at how you use your recordings to fuel other aspects of your career. We recently released a DIY Spotify playlist with many of our favorite artists from around the US and the globe and we're very much using it as a kind of socialized approach to spreading music among our individual fan bases. You can find that playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/1230679389/playlist/6Y8NK1RZA6jfD6nP5fP2nK 

What was your musical upbringing like? Did you grow up with music and instruments at an early age?

We all come from very different, yet similar backgrounds in music. Brandon learned how to play on an electronic drum set as a teenager and comes from a background in Thrash Metal, Jazz, and Hip Hop. CC and Adam used to be in their high school marching band, jazz band, and concert band playing Trombone and Bass respectively. CC's beginnings with music were hip hop and classic rock. Adam's beginnings were definitely with classic rock, punk rock, and emo. At this point in their lives, they'll listen to just about anything. CD's roots begin with pop rock of the early to late 90's and pop punk. He used to sing constantly and played guitar as a child. Eventually, his music tastes took a somewhat crazy turn into indie rock and folk. He's been adapting to the style more and more every year. All of these collective differences and tastes kinda end up in a very similar ballpark musically, which is what we feel is special about our music. There's bits and pieces of all of the things we grew up with as well as the things we grew into.

What inspired the title of the album, and is there any special meaning to it?

The title of the album is really just a single title, really. "Don't Give Up/Choose Love" just sounded like it went well together, so why name it one title or another. Together, they make a message of sorts and that's what we wanted to do from the very start.

When crafting your songs, do they come from a storytelling place, or more of a personal place? Is it a combination of both?

It's definitely a combination of both. Our lives, individually, are somewhat cinematic and introspective. They're expressive and indicative of the things we've been through, but not always in the same way. Sometimes, it's more cinematic, but sometimes it's definitely a call to arms or trying to be insightful or profound in one way or another.

With the release of the record, what other surprises do you have up your sleeve for this year? Can we expect any more coinciding video(s) or tour?

We've got quite a few, but we can't spill the beans on all of them quite yet. As an exclusive, you can definitely announce that we'll be playing at the East Coast Music Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, PVDFest in Providence, Rhode Island, the PEX Summer Fest in Darlington, Maryland, and Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. We'll most likely release a new music video this year for "Choose Love." We may go back into the studio to record a special surprise for everyone sometime this summer or this fall. We're also going to start spending a little more time with our audience via YouTube by doing a Podcast/Q and A and other segments with the individual members of the band. We've launched a Spotify playlist that you can check out by visiting our Spotify profile. There's going to definitely be much more, but for now, we've got to keep stuff under wraps, or we'd spoil the surprise.

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